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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  February 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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largest opposition group says it has met with the government today to try to end the country's 13-day political crisis. and the trial is underway for three u.c. berkeley grads accused of spying in iran. two of them, shane bauer and josh patal reportedly appeared in the courtroom for the first day of the closed door trial. >> temperatures in the 50s and 60s with breezy winds. another day of record heat. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. egypt's vice president met today with protest leaders representing a variety of anti-government groups. agreeing on a framework for more democratic freedoms, including freedom of the press. vice president omar silaman also agreed to release those detained during 13 days of protests and a list of emergency security measures as soon as possible. hundreds of protestors remain in
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the square. they're still demanding the immediate resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak. in the bay area relatives of this missing google executive are trying to draw attention to his plight. he was last seen being carried away from an early protest in cairo by men in plainclothes. his family says government agents are holding him and they've been making some frightening phone calls to his bay area relatives. johnalston has more. >> this guy here, he disappeared on the 27th of january. >> she's talking about ganime, the google marketing executive in cairo who disappeared taking part in a protest more than a week ago. among the demonstrators in san francisco is a relative who grew up with him. >> this is my cousin and i grew up with him four or five years.
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>> she says she has seen the video that shows her cousin hauled away by men in plainclothes. it was covered by the los angeles times. she tells abc 7 it's definitely him. he hasn't been heard from since january 27th, the day of the protest. >> the last time he called his aunt, our aunt, he called to her, don't worry about me, i will be fine. but maybe i'm gonna be for a while here. >> that same day he posted on twitter saying he was worried the government was planning a war crime against people and we are all ready to die. she suspects her cousin was not targeted because he works for google but rather because he set up a website critical of the government after police beat to death siab, a 28-year-old activist. her family in egypt is getting
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ominous late-night calls about is him. >> is he still alive? >> we don't know, we don't know. family gets phone calls in the middle of the night telling us we lost him already. >> it is the decade of fear and repression in egypt that drew hundreds of anti-mubarak demonstrators for the second week in a row. we want to let the rest of the world know that the people have specific requirements for this specific request and they are tired of 30 years of corruption basically. >> gonime is 30 years old. his disappearance has made him a symbolic spokesperson of the opposition. in his twitter page he describes himself as someone who loves challenging the status quo. a conviction that may have gotten him in some serious trouble. >> in iran the trial of three u.c. berkeley grads accused of spying while hiking near the border is now underway according
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to local iranian journalists. the council banned all observers from the closed-door proceedings, even the swiss ambassador representing u.s. interest is being kept outside. sarah shourd did not return for that trial. she was released last september on a humanitarian basis. she was ordered to return along with her fiancé. they face ten-year prison sentences if convicted. >> this is a trial which was postponed earlier and i expect even if ms. shored does not turn up in court, that will not be hindrance for the trial and the case will be examined. >> all three were hiking in northern iraq in july 2009 when they were arrested on suspicion of illegally crossing the border into iran. after her release, shored met with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york to ask
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for his intervention. at the time he said he would ask the judiciary to expedite the process and look at the case with what he called maximum lienensy. >> another legal blow to oakland's plans to tax large-scale pot farms. john russo told the city council he's withdrawing his legal advice. they need to hire their own attorney he says for pot issues. in a letter sent to the council and the mayor, russo indicated he would turn over all the files his office has selected so far. on tuesday the city council agreed to revise its pot proposal after federal and local officials warned it could be illegal and invite state and federal prosecution. the changes would limit the size of the farms and require each one to operate its own onsite dispensary. residents held a he's march through south san francisco's troubled old town yesterday.
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>> we pray that peace may reign in south san francisco. >> police chief mike massoni joined other marchers that led to a shooting that left three dead, three wounded. the city council approved hiring four new officers and launched plans to improve conditions in old town. >> the city was rocked by these killings. and we mourn along with the families and this neighborhood. we are embarking on what i believe is a long-term effort to have a safer neighborhood and improve the quality of life. >> organizers of yesterday's healing event are also pushing for a community center and for mentoring programs for young people. pg&e has spent more than $4 million since 2002 opposing the marin energy authority's venture into selling electricity. a report by state regulators in
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the marin independent journal shows pg&e shelled out another $5 million fighting similar efforts in san francisco and the central valley. and that's on top of the $46 million the utility spent on last year's failed proposition 16 which would have required a two-thirds vote to the create local utilities. marin energy officials also complained that pg&e set up phone banks to convince customers to opt out of their service and sent out bills making it appear they were being double charged. pg&e is denying any wrongdoing. up next a tribute to ronald reagan to mark what would be his 100th birthday. and positive news for a car dealership. why thisisisisisisisisisisisisis
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. today would have been former president ronald reagan's 100th birthday. to honor the former president governor jerry brown declared today february 6th ronald reagan centennial day. dick cheney was one of the guest speakers last night at the reagan ranch in santa barbara. >> ronald reagan himself was accustomed to political values and he didn't resent the exertion of debating and fighting for what he believed in. he expected it. >> the conservative young america's foundation sponsored the event. it was founded to support conservative ideas on college campuses and bought reagan's ranch in 1998. spirits rise for car dealers
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following a projection 13 million vehicles will be sold this year. members of the national automobile dealers association are holding their annual convention and expo in san francisco. it runs through tomorrow. last year they faced several legislative challenges, including a much publicized fight to keep dealer-assisted financing affordable for consumers. this year the dealers are gearing up to take on the environmental protection agency plan to raise the fleet mileage standard to as much as 62 miles per gallon by 2025. it is a loop between bakers street and standon, a section of the great highway also closing. that won't reopen until noon. they'll certainly be out there sweating today. >> right now temperatures in the mid-60s downtown. 13 records yesterday. probably more today. we're gonna see 70s, possibly
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some 80s around the bay. when will it all change? well, stay tuned. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead the warriors go for their third straight win at oracle arena but they had to oprah: a tv first. the billionaire dad of a family empire, donald trump. his wife, melania, and his five children, all together. then --
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>> thousands of giants fans are drawn to at&t park to see their hometown heroes. yesterday's turnout for fanfest was so big some turned around before they got in. lisa amin gulezian has more. (chanting) >> at this year's fanfest, thousands waited for hours to get into at&t because it reached capacity fast. and then this happened. >> hey! hey, stole my chair! >> fans rushed the second street gate and tried to force their way in. many admit they felt shut out. >> after driving down here from sacramento, waiting in line to pay for my parking. after waiting through all the traffic. waiting in line to get here, painting my body orange and black, this is how i get repaid.
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>> really fan appreciation day, they should have probably planned a lot more. >> organizers say they got overwhelmed. they expected to fill the stadium, they just didn't think it would happen an hour after the gates opened. >> we held people at the gates and now we're metering people to come in to make sure that everyone's experience here in the ballpark remains safe. >> for those who did get in, the fanfest experience was perfect. >> a historic event. i love the giants. i don't know what else to say. i live it, i breathe it, i believe it. giants all day. >> jim lincecum, pocze, i want to meet 'em all, man. >> fans to get face-to-face with their favorite players like tim lincecum, andre torres and brian wilson. who knew about the capacity issue. >> there's people on the streets. if you're not in the stadium we apologize but we're going to talk loud so you can hear us. >> that's why we trying to do
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things with our heart. >> giants reps told me every fan waiting outside was eventually allowed in. as a result fanfest did go a little long but only by about 30 minutes. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> from baseball to football. firefighters in texas have been working overnight trying to clear all the ice off the roof of cowboy stadium before today's super bowl. the arlington fire department was relying on sunshine to melt the ice but that wasn't happening fast enough for league officials. friday six people were injured when ice fell 60 feet from the roof and landed on nfl workers. the city is prepared for almost any safety or security contingency at today's game but in all their planning nobody anticipated so much ice building up weeks before the big game. officials say the ice will be cleared by the time fans start arriving. and it's actually warmed up a little bit there today, i
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believe. lisa argen here with telling us more about that and, of course, our own glorious weather. >> yes. 40s there later on today. >> not bad. >> no, not bad. a little cool. a little warm here. we're getting more record warmth. a live look outside. things nice and quiet with the sun coming up 7:09, setting 5:39. a wind advisory until 10:00 this morning. winds above 1,000 feet are still quite gusty. 64 redwood city. believe these temperatures? 66 in san francisco. and the cool spot about 62 in santa rosa. average highs should be just in the upper 50s to low 60s for early february. so really unbelievable warmth throughout yesterday and today all due to some northerly winds. strong north downsloping winds. and offshore flow.
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looking at the winds dying back a little this hour in livermore. north at 33 by fairfield. we'll hit a northeast wind at 10 mph up in santa rosa. so from yesterday everybody is warmer except at the coast, half moon bay. you're 5 degrees cooler this morning but don't worry, temperatures will be back up in the 60s today. 21 degrees warmer than yesterday in oakland as well as redwood city. and we're looking at a breezy morning with a wind advisory until 10:00 and we'll see records all across the bay area, possibly tying one in san francisco but shattering them elsewhere. cooler weather arrives beginning tomorrow and much cooler by tuesday. highest today mid upper 70s to near 80s santa rosa. here's a record. 100-year-old record should be broken today in santa rosa. napa upper 70s. record for this date is 75. and mid-70s will break the record of 73 in san jose today.
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oakland, you're a little warmer than yesterday. so one more day for this extreme warmth and this picture tells it all. look how strong this ridge is all the way up into canada. we have a strong dome of high pressure. it begins to shift to the east today and as it does, it will allow a trough in the pacific northwest to take a little chunk out of this ridge tomorrow. that will bring a little bit of cooling but better cooling on tuesday. we'll see a return to the lighter winds, the radiational cooling, the patchy fog and that should bring temperatures down consistently throughout the week. the peak heats with numbers in the south bay with 70s today. 76 campbell. peninsula 73, san mateo 70 in pacifica. san francisco 73. north bay numbers the warmest. upper 70s from petaluma, 80s santa rosa. near east bay, how about 77 for you in oakland. 76 in fremont. a little breezy early, then 77
6:21 am
danville. 76 salinas and a look ahead shows we'll cool off just a little, as much as 10 degrees tomorrow. that pattern change, feeling more and more confident about that next weekend. >> but those 60s, who can complain about that. >> i don't know. we'll find somebody. (laughter) >> all right. thank you, lisa. coming up at 7:00, "good morning america." dan harris is joining us live now from new york to tell us what's coming up. i suppose of course you're going to start off with egypt and the meeting with the vice president there. >> that's right, carolyn. good morning to you. starting with that extraordinary meeting in egypt. a main islamic group banned for years now is meeting with the government opposing mubarak
6:22 am
talking about political reform. showing how much it's changed as a result of the massive uprising. the question is will this lead to an end to the dangerous crisis. two american hikers imprisoned in iran and accused of spying are finally going on trial it had. they've been in prison 18 months. their first step towards freedom, perhaps? others think maybe another giant setback. the latest on that. story out of hollywood, prosecutors are reportedly set to charge lindsay lohan with felony grand theft as early as tomorrow. she allegedly stole a $2500 necklace. she says she was just borrowing it. if convicted she could be going back behind bars. this super bowl sunday, a little anthropology. a little look at the culture behind the big game. the packers and steelers as you know, carolyn, have two of the most rabid relationships. the world of the cheese heads
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and the terrible towels. all coming up next on "good morning america." are you rooting on this game? >> no. i don't care about either one of those teams. i don't think the fans could be more rabid than the oakland raider fans. >> that's a good point and i don't mean to offend anybody in oakland but these two teams definitely have very rabid fans. >> who are you rooting for? >> i'm from boston so i'm a patriots fan. but i will admit i'm not a huge sports fan generally. i say that with some fear but it is the truth. >> well, i had to admit i don't care about the game today so there you go. but i do care about what's up at 7:00. we will see you then, dan. >> thank you. >> all right. a look about sports. it's only nine hours left until kickoff of super bowl 45 between the green bay packers and the pittsburgh steelers. last night the warriors were super against the central division leading chicago bulls.
6:24 am
here's shu with all your highlights. >> good morning. the warriors had quite a task last night hosting the bulls winning six straight and nine of their last ten. nate thurman in the house. monta to wright. he throws it down. he had 20, led by one at the half. chicago dominated the start of the third quarter. carlos, he's a man! the warriors wouldn't fold. ellis to david lee. watch him finish with a reverse jam. stay within 7. into the third off the inbounds right to ellis on the alley-oop, pretty! then in the 4th seth curry taking it to the ten. two of his 23. warriors up 9. 30 seconds left. ellis with the dagger. he had 33. warriors get their biggest win of the year, 101-90 your final. what a thrill last night, cal hosting 21st ranked arizona and three overtimes for a winner.
6:25 am
trail by 9 in the second half but jorge led them back in transition. two of his 25, a 13-3 run to put cal on top. under a minute to play, bears up 3. the strong take and the foul. 20 seconds left, momo jones. three-point play ties it. we're going to overtime. in o. t., 45 seconds left. down 2. allen crab, a sensational presence. the tough shot goes. he had 27. we had a double overtime. camp a beast. committed to number two. five seconds left. down three and more from momo. he ties it. on to triple overtime and it was too much momo. he explodes to the ten. 27 for jones. cal dropped a heartbreaker in triple overtime. 107-105 that final. on the farm stanford hosting arizona state, the cardinal and
6:26 am
the rhythm early on. 23, led by 4 at the break. second half, sun devils rally. soaring through the lane for the flush. stay within five but stanford would hold on. jarrett mann. the tough take and the foul. he had a career high. an 87-75 victory. professional sports, rare when an athlete plays his entire career with one team. starts with boston and yesterday the first time back in bean town since being traded for the bruins. five years since he left boston. weaving through traffic. the back end to beat tim thomas's 23rd goal. now in the third. bruins looking to equalize. one of his 26 saves. a few seconds left. steals the win. win third straight, 2-0 the final. the profootball hall of fame has
6:27 am
seven new members led by quarterback prime time dion sanders. the first valid inductee. won two super bowls, one 1994 where he was named defensive player of the year. considered best ever to play his position. triple threat, quarterback, wide receiver and quick returner. won a super bowl with the rams and was league mvp in 2000. tied with shannon sharp and ed sable, former cal bears rictor, raiders 10 brown denied for the second straight year. the packers are playing for today this is is from super bowl 16. i show you because i can. i am a world champion for life and my pick, the packers will bring home the lombardi trophy back to where it all began, green bay. i'm mike shumann. have great day.
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6:31 am
freedom of the press. vice president omar sulaman also agreed to release those detained during 13 days of protest and to list impressive emergency security measures as soon as possible. protestors in central cairo are still demanding that egyptian president hosni mubarak leave office but consider today's talks to be good progress toward reform. so far mubarak is promising to make changes but insists on staying in power until his term ends in september. a committee of judicial and political figures will consider more constitutional amendments including term limits for elected officials. the first week in march the deadline for those changes to be made. the government agreed not to harass those participating in the massive anti-government protest and release of detainees. the gentleman you just saw, a bay area google executive that disappeared at one of the early
6:32 am
protests last week. family members say that video aired on al-jazeera which shows google's marketing executive in cairo being whisked away by a group of men in plainclothes. they haven't heard from him since january 27th but family members in egypt have been getting threatening phone calls. >> still alive, do you know? >> we don't know, we don't know. his family get phone calls during the middle of the night telling him that we got him already. >> relatives don't think gonine was arrested because he works for google. they believe it's because he posted a website critical of the government after the beating death of a protestor. you know, there are a number of bay area companies with ties to egypt. they are watching closely the developments there. they have serious financial resources committed to that country. and some also have a personal stake. just days before the protests began, plug and play tech
6:33 am
center, a sunnyvale incubator created a bridge to egypt. like other technology giants, it's opened an office in cairo's so-called smart village. it has taken seven startups under its wing bringing the money and mentorship of silicon valley to the middle east. >> i think we are just at the tip of the iceberg of the economic development of the region. >> he is monitoring the unrest in egypt. much of it fueled by the young and educated who are frustrated by high unemployment. nearly 25%. president obama's cairo speech in 2009 persuaded some of this nation's hi-tech ceo's to begin a concerted outreach. hasanin attended this conference in october and hopes we will survive the current upheaval. >> it's unusual but been
6:34 am
continuing. we have to slow down for the month of june, make sure the states are safe. >> the banks are closed in egypt. but i think it's a very short hiccup to a big opportunity that lies between the egyptian people and the rest of the world. >> he believes more hi-tech companies should evaluate the market once stability is restored. ceo constantine debalos says it's his personal mission to bring about change. >> one single startup can promulgate through the entire egyptian opportunity landscape. i believe that with my heart. >> that ceo talked about what he called hope with a dash of desperation that he sees in the younger generation pushing for entrepreneurial opportunities. and that is backed up by a united nations report which found it takes more than two years for a young person in egypt to find a solid job after graduating from school.
6:35 am
every time you pay your power bill, a little bit of it goes to pay for research to make california more energy efficient. at least that's where the money is supposed to go. abc 7's capital correspondent nanette miranda reports some people have some explaining to do. >> most of us don't even notice the extra surcharges on our electricity bills. they help fund among other things the public interest energy research program to pay for energy efficient research. >> they don't explain those bills. >> california rate payers have been kicking in nearly 2% of their bill to help fund peer, one of the programs under public purpose. the legislative analyst office says about 10% of the money collected by the state energy commission was spent on questionable research. >> the commission in our opinion has failed to demonstrate that this state has received a substantial benefit from that investment. >> the report calls out grants
6:36 am
for things like salmon habitat research. climate change on bird distribution questioning how they relate to energy. the california energy commission declined to be interviewed but have to justify their spending at the legislative hearing this month. >> this first report raises some red flags. the energy commission's going to have to answer to the legislature. >> surcharge supporters say the peer program has done some good like moved california to cfl light light bulbs. the legislate surcharge expires in january and the legislature has to decide whether to keep it going, a tough sell after this report. >> we have to show we've made wise use of the first $700 million. >> californians are skeptical about coughing up more money after seeing the report that found no rate payer benefits.
6:37 am
>> no! not if it's not doing anything. it's not accomplishing anything. i don't think it should continue to be paid. >> that's one reason we should shut it off. it's like throwing money down a rat hole. >> the report recommends keeping the surcharge going but narrowing what it can be used for or killing the program all together. nanette miranda, abc 7 news. >> when we stepped out this morning heading into work before 4:00 it was already like crazy. >> yeah. 69 degrees downtown. now 66. we've got a lot of work out there. the sun coming up officially at 7:09, setting at 5:39. changes are coming for the week ahead but today we've got plenty of records. tell but that coming up next. >> thank you, lisa. we've been talking about la nina, the same weather pattern that flooded australia is keeping california dry. up next is it time to start
6:38 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. time right now is 6:40. this is a live look at cowboy stadium in arlington, texas, where as you know the super bowl is going to be held. kickoff about 3:30, 3:29 to be exact. and what might they expect? oh, boy! it looks all right right now but lisa says rain, snow showers, breezy. a little bit of everything. it's about 41 degrees right now. those football players can endure just about anything. i don't know about the fans. from unseasonably wet to incredibly dry. that sums up our rainy season so far this year and with nearly half the season left and no rain in the immediate forecast, is it time to push the water supply panic button? laura anthony is talking with the experts. >> what a difference a month
6:41 am
makes. before the new year, northern california saw copious amounts of rain and snow. and then as if someone turned off the spigot, it all stopped. brian weir, a climatetologist at u.s. davis. northern california's dry spell can be blamed at least in part on cooler ocean temperatures in the pacific. >> people make outlooks based upon what happened during the past la nina events and outlook is for basically dry in california, especially southern california for the next couple months. >> in january rainfall totals were just 30% of average for the month. but for the season, 130%. meteorologist jan noel says this water here will be defined not so much about what happened in january but rather what comes next. >> i think it's a little too early to be worried. and it's fairly typical that we have a mid-winter dry spell.
6:42 am
it averages something over 19 days of dry weather sort of sandwiched in between our normal rainier periods. >> what matters most is the high sierra and whether the current snow pack will last, even if the rest of the season is relatively dry. content is 135% of average for this time of year. in the major resevoirs, water supply is 111% normal of shasta, 109% of padi, 9% at folsom. >> it was a cool summer last year and the next couple months we'll see more rain and snow coming in. >> even with the optimism, water managers say it's always good for people to do what they can to conserve. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> well, rain is on the way. it's just not here today but you say it's right around the corner. >> yes. we're getting more and more confident that things are gonna
6:43 am
change around here. another six days or so. now we're looking at a beautiful sunrise, very balmy temperatures out there. from mount tam you'll notice the camera shaking a bit and that's because the winds continue to blow things around with a wind advisory until 10:00. gusting early in oakland. we are looking at some very warm numbers. how about 64 right now in redwood city. 66 san francisco. the coolest spot concord at 51. 61 los gatos and the winds are breezy all around the bay but right around travis, the delta gusting to 33 mph. and so right around the next hour or so we should see the windiest conditions and then the winds will relax. so they're not that bad, but it's still allowing for the warmth to stay with us overnight. 13 degrees warmer in fremont and mountain view with slightly cooler numbers around half moon bay. but you get the idea. it is going to be another warm
6:44 am
day today with record heat. clear, breezy and mild this morning. records today all across the bay. much cooler next week and then i think by next weekend we could see rain. until 10:00, north winds sustained 25 to 30 mph above a thousand feet. wind gusts 45 mph mount diablo. 100-year-old record probably shattered today in santa rosa with a high of 80 degrees. the record was 79 set back in 1912. and right on down the line. mid, upper 70s today. most of the records dating back to the '80s except for napa 1963 your record was 75 degrees, forecasting a high of 78. down around the south bay back in 1987, thought it was warm at 73. how about 75 today. take a look at this huge dome of high pressure. it's in command of our weather. it's peaking today and we will see it begin to slowly shift to the east. that's why the winds are gonna
6:45 am
back off today. but we will see record warmth all around the bay and then a trough of low pressure begins to bear down from the north, a couple of them actually, and that will aid in the most dramatic cooling to get underway by tuesday. 76 campbell today. enjoy 74 in santa clara on the peninsula. 73 san mateo with redwood city coming in the low 70s. san francisco you should break a record as well with highs in the low 70s. a few 80s sonoma and santa rosa, close to it anyway, castro valley. over the hills a beautiful afternoon, breezy to start and then 77 in concord. down by the monterey bay, look for 76 salinas. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast, temperatures come down about 10 degrees tomorrow. another 3 to 5 on tuesday. it will be remaining kind of breezy as another system has dropped down from the north. but our ridge of high pressure stays in place.
6:46 am
that will keep the rain away for next week but valentine's day -- >> oh, lovely. >> get the umbrellas out. >> we're hoping we need it. >> we do. >> so we've been warned and spoiled. >> it's true. all right. thank you, lisa. don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> the promise of a great job with generous pay turns out to be a scam. i'm michael finney ahead on
6:47 am
6:48 am
a bay area woman fell victim to a scam targeting the unemployed with millions of people struggling to find work, this is becoming a growing problem. conartists going after job seekers. 7 on your side's michael finney with one woman's heart wrenching story. >> careenna has been unemployed and searching for work nearly a year now, all the while struggling to support her two-year-old son. >> tough, willing and ready to
6:49 am
try anything. >> careenna got pretty excited when she found this ad in the san francisco chronicle. an opening for a flight attendant offering full training and an excellent salary package. >> i immediately jumped on it and got excited, something different, flight attendant. >> she called the number and with that seemingly harmless act she took her first step into a big trap. >> everything sounded great, the benefits, the money. >> the man told her she'd be a stewardess on a charter debt carrying wealthy passengers to private cruise ships. she'd earn up to $1200 a week and be home every night by 6:00. did she want to fly to miami for an interview. >> that sounds cool. definitely i would be very interested. >> with that she took the next step into the trap. the man said she could buy her own plane ticket to miami or he would buy the ticket for her at a reduced price of $372.
6:50 am
careenna found the cheapest fares online were over $1,000. >> i said you know what let me go ahead and call back and ask him what was the other option one more time. >> and that was mistake number three. she agreed to let the man buy her plane ticket. he told her to wire him half the fare, $186, and she'd be reimbursed when she arrived in miami. >> gail maxwell would meet me at the gate. she would have a black suit on. as soon as i shook her hand she would put the reimbursement of the money i just wired. >> she wired $186 to orlando, florida. yes, that was her final mistake. later when she checked the flight that was supposedly purchased for her, she found there was no such flight, no such charge-up company and no such job. >> i had been officially first-time scammed and it hurt. >> she went from the elation of believing she had finally landed
6:51 am
a job to the depths of realizing she had been conned. >> it upset my husband and i. >> careenna's mother couldn't stand the idea that somebody stole money from her struggling daughter and her grandson. >> seemed like we really need to call "7 on your side." >> they did call us. not hoping to get her money back but to warn other job seekers who might be lured into the same trap. >> that $200 hurt. i just wanted to make sure it was red-flagged and tell "7 on your side." >> the best rule of thumb: never, never, never wire anybody money. if somebody wants you to wire money, assume it's a scam. the san francisco chronicle did not want to comment, however the check on the want ads show this ad is no longer running. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> up next, super sunday. a preview of what you'll see between the plays during the super bowl.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
well, check out the winning numbers from last night's superlotted tow plus, 7, 9, 12, 34, 44. one ticket had all six numbers to collect the $12 million jackpot. the top prize for wednesday's drawing resets to $7 million. the peninsula humane society is looking for people who love chihuahuas. the dogs became popular after celebrities like paris hilton were seen with them and they were featured intact cobell commercials and the movie beverly hills chihuahua. chihuahua's and other small dogs make up three-quarters of the population at the society. the society's hoping to reach more people that will adopt
6:55 am
these dogs with its mobile shelter program. one of the big attractions at today's super bowl will be the commercials. you probably know that advertisers spend millions of dollars trying to grab your attention. commercial time has been sold out since october. analysts say that is a sign of recovery. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has a look at some of the big ones. >> if commercials cost $3 million for a 30 second spot, you just watched a half million dollars worth of you remember the success betty white had with snickers. this time richard lewis and rose ann have a series of ads for the candy bar, one of the sponsors willing to spend the money. >> you get great coverage in the game but of course now with social media, you get a lot of repeat viewing. 40% of the people watch the ads they like again online. >> super bowl ads have legs.
6:56 am
jones is one of the partners which has producing outing ads for the fourth year. most often humor works. >> excellent! >> three well-dressed guys trying to escape from a luxury prison. >> younger americans are now intrigued by super bowl. best buy understands that with the unlikely combination of justin bieber and ozzie osborn. >> the distracted get engaged. they're texting about what they're seeing. so the opportunity i think is to really make a play for that audience. ♪ >> among the big spenders, doritos and pepsi mac team up again. there were more than 5,000 entries. six finalists air on sunday. this one costs just $30. >> i wonder how much money he makes? i wonder if he loves his mother? >> i wonder if he loses his hair? >> i wonder if he wants kids?
6:57 am
>> the commercials need to be entertaining and relative and there is a loyalty to brands there every year. >> it's one of the few times that the nation gathers together. you know, metaphorically around this game. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> now, if you plan to drive home after drinking at a super bowl party, you are encouraged to use a designated driver or you can call aaa for a frito home. police agencies are stepping up d.u.i. enforcers this afternoon to keep drunk drivers off the record. freeway signs ask drivers to call 9-1-1 and report drunk drivers. the safe play is call aaa, 1-800-aaa-help for a tipsy tow, a free one-way tow up to 10 miles will be provided from 6:00 tonight to 6:00 tomorrow morning. the super bowl weather, a final look, here's lisa. >> 50s and 60s out there. the wind advisory expires 10:00.
6:58 am
about a thousand feet even in the santa cruz mountains. later on today more record warmth, 70s and 80s today with 76 livermore and fremont as well as santa cruz. tomorrow we'll get into some cooling, breezy right on through the early part of the week but still dry through next saturday. >> wow! thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. "good morning america" is next. you can see
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